Brits in the Dark About Solar Power Despite Widespread Adoption

Solar Survey 2024

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As the longest day of the year approaches, bringing extra hours of daylight, our recent survey reveals surprising truths about how Britons are harnessing solar power. Despite widespread adoption, many remain in the dark about fully benefiting from their systems at home.


Key Findings From the GreenFox Energy Survey:

Generational Divide:

Over fifty-fives are the least informed about solar energy, highlighting a need for increased education in this age group. In contrast, Gen Z (18- to 24-year-olds) are the most knowledgeable and report higher-than-expected savings.


Environmental Impact:

51% of respondents believe their choice of solar energy helps save the planet. Leading the charge is Brighton, with 63% of users
enthusiastic about the positive environmental impact.


Trust Issues:

Trust remains a significant barrier, with 48% of respondents expressing partial faith in solar energy systems and 6% having no faith at all. Over half are hesitant to recommend their installers to friends and family.



Over 20% of UK homeowners believe it's impossible to make your money back on solar panels, with many incorrectly thinking that the UK doesn’t get enough sun for them to be cost-effective.


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While most users recognise the need to clean their solar panels to maintain performance, very few have a cleaning and maintenance service in place.

Battery Settings:

75% of solar owners adjust their battery charge settings less than four times a year, likely losing out on savings and wasting generated power.

Regional Enthusiasm:

The Welsh are the biggest installer cheerleaders, with 100% recommending their fitting company. In the Southeast, 93% would
recommend their installer, and in London, 92% would do the same.

Positive Energy:

Two-thirds of solar power users say their system generates more energy than they expected, with female householders being the most
impressed at 82%.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap with GreenFox Energy

At GreenFox Energy, we're committed to delivering solar solutions that stand the test of time. Our MCS-accredited solar panels and components are renowned for their durability, engineered to operate flawlessly for a minimum of 25 years.

To ensure these power solutions continue to perform at their peak, routine inspections and occasional maintenance are essential. This helps prevent technical glitches and sustains their productivity in energy generation. That’s why our responsibility doesn't conclude once your home is equipped with our state-of-the-art solar system.

In pursuit of maximising your investment and extending the efficiency of your panels and battery, we offer the Vixen Care Plan - a thorough maintenance service designed to keep your system in optimal condition, ensuring you receive the best value and performance longevity.


GreenFox Energy co-founder Eddie Curran emphasises the importance of education and support to fully unlock the potential of solar energy. “As we enjoy the extended daylight of the longest day, it's a timely reminder of the power of the sun and the
importance of harnessing it effectively,” he says. “With proper education and support, we can become more confident and informed solar energy users, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.”

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Discover how GreenFox Energy can help you better understand and optimise your solar energy system. Join us in our mission to provide accurate information and reliable support, driving significant environmental benefits and a sustainable future.

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