Solar Power Supply and Installation in The UK

Do I have enough sunshine for a solar energy supply system? 

At GreenFox, a question homeowners often ask us is if there is enough sunshine where they live to make a solar energy system worthwhile. This is a fair question because the weather in our green and pleasant land can be erratic, with plenty of cloudy days and cold winters. 

We are happy to say that, yes, a solar energy system can work well wherever you’re based in the UK, if designed correctly. We can ensure that you get the most out of your solar supply based on the characteristics of your home for many years to come.

How we design your system to maximise the value of your solar supply

A well-designed solar energy system will be more than sufficient to harvest the solar supply you need to power the majority of your home’s electricity needs, typically 70-80%, whether you are frugal with your usage or own every new appliance under the sun.

We design each system to maximise the value of the solar supply available to each property.

This is why every solar journey with GreenFox begins with a site survey that includes evaluating your location, orientation, roof tilt, and potential obstructions that could block light to your panels, such as trees. We also take the time to understand your household energy consumption patterns in order to optimise your solar supply to meet your needs.

The best equipment for the best results

Regardless of the placement of your panels, the solar supply available to your home is ultimately largely dependent on the quality and compatibility of the equipment you purchase, which is why at GreenFox, we take every care to provide you with the right solutions and advice you need to get the best results from your investment.

We work with some of the world’s leading solar energy products to provide you with the best monocrystalline or poly-crystalline solar panels, the most efficient inverters, and savvy battery storage systems to give you the best value for money from your budget and the solar energy you need to power your lifestyle.

We are also there for you long-term to monitor, service, and support your system performance to identify any issues early and help ensure that your system keeps operating at maximum capacity throughout its lifespan – typically over 25 years.

A house that's using a solar power supply to power 80% of their homes needs.

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If you have any questions about our services or would simply like advice, please book a meeting using the diary, for a time that suits you! Don’t worry, there’s no hard sell, jargon or exaggerated claims with us, just common sense and plain speaking. 


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A house that is using a solar energy supply to generate their needs.
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