Renewable energy solutions for the Edinburgh area

As a leading supplier and installer of solar panels for residential customers in Edinburgh, GreenFox Energy is at the forefront of the drive for renewable energy in Scotland. Our commitment to delivering high-quality and safe solar panel installations in Edinburgh and Lothian ensures our customers will benefit from lower electricity prices and a cleaner living and working environment

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Our solar energy services in Edinburgh

  • Site evaluations and consultations

  • Solar panel installation

  • Solar battery storage solutions

  • Solar panel servicing and maintenance with our Vixen Care Plan

  • Performance analysis with our Cub Optimisation software

What our customers say


Is my Edinburgh home suitable for solar panels?

Edinburgh – the so-called ‘Athens of the North’ – may not be as sunny as its counterpart in Greece, but the city still enjoys sufficient sunshine to make solar panels a worthwhile investment. In fact, the Scottish capital’s 1450 hours of sunshine each year – which puts it on a par with some southern British cities, such as Bristol - can help homeowners to generate and store renewable energy in solar batteries, offsetting the effects of cloudier weather when electricity production is lower.

From the charismatic terraced cottages of Stockbridge to the grand villas of the New Town, Edinburgh’s diverse houses are ideal for solar panel installation. At GreenFox Energy, we carefully assess each property and its roof design to ensure that our solar panels are correctly positioned, enhancing their effectiveness, and maximising the volume of natural light they capture. 

Is my Edinburgh home suitable for solar panels?

Like all cities, Edinburgh is striving to improve the quality of its air, and, at GreenFox Energy, we are proudly committed to ensuring that the local community plays an important part in delivering on these eco-friendly solutions.

Solar energy stands out as one of the cleanest and most cost-effective sources of power. By harnessing solar panels, Edinburgh's residences can be powered without relying on polluting fossil fuels. Embracing solar energy at your property aids in cutting emissions from coal and gas plants, curbing air pollution in the city. This move towards cleaner air benefits everyone, reducing the prevalence of respiratory illness and fostering a sustainable environment for present and future generations.

Why choose GreenFox Energy for your Edinburgh solar panel installation?

MCS-certified technicians who deliver high-quality and safe installations.

Impartial, jargon-free advice to help you to make informed decisions about your energy choices.

Detailed quotations and estimates of savings to help you to plan your budget.

A 25-year guarantee to protect you against premature failure of your solar panels.

Our solar panel customers in Edinburgh

Transform your home with a solar system that slashes emissions by 82%, equivalent to planting 215 trees and bypassing 33,516 car kilometres over its lifetime. Financially, it's a bright choice too—expect to see a significant drop in your electricity bills, accumulating to a remarkable £68,790 in savings over 25 years.Embark on a journey to sustainability and savings with GreenFox Energy's solar solutions

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Enjoy sustainable energy in your Edinburgh home: learn more

At GreenFox Energy, we offer a free, no-obligation quotation and home survey to start your switch to clean renewable energy. Simply book a call with our solar energy consultants and we’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

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