Solar Energy

With the country becoming more environmentally aware and moving steadily towards more sustainable forms of power, many homeowners are discovering the benefits of solar energy for their household. You could be next!

At GreenFox Energy, we are passionate about solar renewable power, and our goal is to make solar energy work for as many UK homeowners as possible.

3 savvy reasons you should go solar with GreenFox this year

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Lower electricity bills

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy to generate electricity for free, significantly reducing your electricity bills. What’s not to like?

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Impact on the environment

Solar power is completely renewable and doesn’t release any harmful pollutants into the environment. Solar energy also reduces our dependence on digging up compressed animal and plant remains (i.e. coal, oil, and gas) from the Carboniferous period to burn in power stations to produce electricity – which is frankly weird if you think about it too closely.

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Manage your energy for peak savings

By investing in one of our solar batteries alongside your solar panels, you can manage your energy usage for peak savings. For example, if you have a Time Of Use tariff, you can draw energy from the National Grid during off-peak times (such as overnight), store it in your battery, and release this stored energy for use during the day to save you money on peak energy usage. You can also store surplus energy generated by your panels during the summer or bright days to power your home, or EV or to heat your hot water.

What’s so great about solar energy?

So, what’s the big deal about solar energy, and why should you be interested? 

To start with, the energy from the sun is free. Millions of megawatts worth of energy fall on our roofs yearly, most of which simply goes to waste. Installing solar panels on your roof allows you to harness this raw power and convert it, by means of an inverter, into usable electricity for your home.

Solar energy is the most accessible and cost-effective form of renewable energy for most homeowners, without the disruption, space requirements, and cost of laying down a ground source heat pump network, for example, or setting up a big shiny wind turbine at the end of your garden.

Solar energy systems also cost much less than most people realise, less than most new cars. And better still, this investment pays itself back over time through reduced energy bills, so it genuinely is a gift that keeps giving.

Not your average solar installer

If there’s one thing as predictable as the sunshine, then it’s the jargon that so often surrounds solar energy. Renewable energy, and solar power in particular, is a technical field. However, the way that suppliers, installers, and maintenance businesses often talk about solar energy is too often confusing and off-putting for homeowners.

At GreenFox, we take a different approach to solar energy, focusing on the benefits it provides to you and your family to allow you to make positive changes in your household with your eyes fully open without worrying about the technical details.

We are completely open about the investment cost of a solar system, and the requirements for installation and maintenance. And we will also work with you proactively to maximise the benefits of your individual system, designing it to harvest the most energy from the sun, and helping you manage your home’s electricity in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

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