Helping the people of Glasgow to live a greener way of life.

At GreenFox Energy, we provide expert solar panel installation and maintenance for residential customers across Glasgow and surrounding areas, helping them to save money and adopt a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

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Our renewable energy solutions in Glasgow

  • Free home surveys to assess your energy needs and property layout

  • Professional and safe solar panel installation, usually completed in only 3-4 days

  • A no-nonsense, jargon-free service to avoid confusion

  • Efficient and affordable maintenance through our Vixen Care Plan

  • A friendly and responsive service at every stage of the project

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Why install solar panels on your Glasgow home?

Despite a reputation for its rainy climate, Glasgow enjoys more than 1,280 hours of sunshine every year, so solar panel installation is absolutely still a viable option for homeowners across the city. In fact, modern solar PV panels are so efficient that they will continue to absorb natural light even in overcast conditions, reducing your dependence on the grid and saving you money!

When the sun isn’t shining on the city, the amount of energy generated by your new solar panels will be less which is why it’s really important to store excess electricity from sunny weather in your home’s solar battery. This will give you instant access to free renewable energy, even when the city is enduring one of its famous rainy days.

Take advantage of the Glasgow Green Deal

As a homeowner in Glasgow, you may be able to benefit from the Glasgow Green Deal, a new initiative that aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes throughout the city and reduce carbon emissions.

If you’re planning to install solar panels on your home but are worried about the cost, the Glasgow Green Deal offers attractive interest-free loans and financial incentives that can reduce how much you spend upfront and allows you to make repayments through savings on your energy bills. For the people of Glasgow, it’s never been more affordable to switch to renewable energy!

The benefits of choosing GreenFox Energy for your solar panels

Access to reliable solar power, one of the cleanest and most sustainable forms of energy available.

Significantly lower energy bills, with savings of up to 80 per cent every year.

A simple and stress-free installation process, usually with no need to apply for planning permission or be weary of building regulations.

Customised installation to ensure your energy needs and property specifications are met.

Our expert maintenance services will keep your solar panels in optimum condition and extend their lifespan.

The reassurance of a robust 25-year warranty to ensure you don’t pick up the tab in the unlikely event of a technical problem.

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