Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with solar panel installation and maintenance.

At GreenFox Energy, we supply, install, and maintain all the solar equipment you need to make the switch to cheap and clean renewable energy. 

With a commitment to providing excellent service for our residential customers in Perthshire, we provide simple, jargon-free information to help you to make informed energy choices, creating personalised quotations and using realistic estimates of potential savings to help you to understand the impact that making the switch could have on your household budget.

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A local service for the people of Perthshire

With low rainfall levels and an average of 1350 hours of sunshine every year, Perth is well-suited to homeowners who wish to switch to a cleaner and cheaper form of energy to power their homes. Based locally, we understand the environmental conditions of the Perthshire region so we can optimise your solar panels to capture maximum daylight and provide you with better oversight and control of your domestic energy.


Our solar energy services in Perthshire

  • Site evaluations and consultations

  • Solar panel installation

  • Solar battery storage solutions

  • Solar panel servicing and maintenance with our Vixen Care Plan

  • Performance analysis with our Cub Optimisation software

What our customers say


What are the financial benefits of switching to solar energy

Electricity Bills

Slash your Electricity Bills by up to 80 per cent by generating your own renewable energy using the natural light from the sun*.

Earn Money

from feed-in tariffs by selling surplus energy back to the grid.

Property Value

Increase your property's value and saleability with a solar energy system.


Take advantage of financial support schemes, such as The Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan scheme.


Quickly recover the cost of installing solar panels by cutting your energy bills.


long-term savings over the lifespan of the solar panels, usually 25 years or more!

Gain energy

independence and protection from power cuts with solar battery storage.

*Cloud cover? No problem: Our solar panels will work even in overcast conditions!

How our solar panel services can help you to achieve energy independence

With our MCS certified installations, the path to energy independence for homeowners in Perthshire and beyond is clear, cost-effective, and environmentally significant. Our systems can supply 82% of your energy needs from solar power alone, drastically reducing your dependence on the grid and volatile energy markets. Our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional quality and fostering consumer trust shines through in our outstanding Customer Net Promoter Score of 9.3, a testament to our relentless focus on empowering our customers with the info and tools they need to make informed, confident decisions about solar energy.

Why choose GreenFox Energy for your Perth solar panel installation?

MCS-certified and NIC EIC-approved installers.

Impartial, no-nonsense advice to help you to make informed choices

Personalised quotations to help you to plan your budget.

Realistic estimates of energy savings to give you insights into your financial commitment

An incentives scheme for our installers to deliver exceptional customer care.

A 25-year warranty for all your solar equipment.

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Invest in solar and save in Perthshire: Arrange a quote today

To start your journey towards cheaper energy bills in Perthshire, please book a consultation with GreenFox Energy and we will be happy to provide you with a free, personalised quotation.

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