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Installing solar energy solutions for homeowners across West Lothian.

Do you live in West Lothian and would like to benefit from lower energy bills or to play a part in improving the environment?

GreenFox Energy is a leading provider of solar panel installation and maintenance in the West Lothian area. We are proud of our commitment to providing our customers with cost-effective solutions that meet their household’s energy needs while reducing dependence on harmful fossil fuels. At a time of volatile energy prices, rising cost of living and ever increasing warning signs of our deteriorating environment, switching to solar is a commonsense decision.

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Our West Lothian solar services

  • A free initial consultation to assess your home and discuss your energy needs.

  • Detailed planning to optimise the number and configuration of your solar panels.

  • Fast, efficient, and safe installation which is completed in only 3 or 4 days.

  • Simple, understandable language that doesn’t confuse you with incomprehensible jargon.

  • Ongoing solar panel maintenance in West Lothian with our affordable Vixen Care Plan.

  • A commitment to ensuring our customers benefit from reliable and efficient solar technology. 

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Solar panel grants for West Lothian homeowners

Solar panel prices have fallen significantly in recent years, so you can expect to quickly recover the cost of installation through energy savings. To make renewable energy even more accessible though, homeowners in West Lothian may be entitled to apply for financial support to ease the cost and help them to spread their repayments:

The Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan scheme

grants and interest-free loans for a variety of home improvement projects.

Eco Flex

A support scheme operated by West Lothian Council which provides funding for home improvements, including solar panel installation.

GreenFox Energy: your first-choice for solar services in West Lothian

There are many companies offering solar panel installation and maintenance in West Lothian, so why should you choose GreenFox Energy?

Power your home with one of the cleanest and cheapest types of renewable energy.

Save money on your energy bills, typically 70-80 per cent every year.

Reduce your carbon footprint and help to create a greener, more sustainable community.

Avoid the need for costly and time-consuming applications for planning permission.

Let our experts design a cost-effective and efficient solar panel configuration.

Keep your solar panels in excellent condition with our affordable Vixen Care Plan

Take control of your energy management with our Cub Optimisation software.

Enjoy decades of free and clean energy, with a no quibbles 25-year warranty.


Make West Lothian a solar leader: get involved with GreenFox Energy

At GreenFox Energy, we’re ready and eager to help you to transition to clean renewable energy. To find out more, please book a consultation with our team to start your solar journey today!

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