GreenFox releases 2024 UK Home Solar Survey, with surprising results

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Jun 24, 2024 11:07:38 AM


Launching our UK Solar Day Survey 2024, GreenFox Energy 
Co-Founder, Eddie Curran, said:

"At GreenFox we’re passionate about making solar energy work for all UK homeowners. Solar power’s significant benefits for the planet, for our country’s energy independence and for family budgets justify and demand three main changes:

1. Firstly, there needs to be much greater effort from UK national and devolved governments to explain the benefits & practical realities of solar power to consumers.

2. Secondly, house builders should be compelled to improve the quality and useability of the solar energy systems they install in new homes, as the current general standard of what is provided is poor, amounting to little more than a ‘box ticking’ exercise. 

3. Finally, by providing accurate information and reliable support services, the nation can unlock the full potential of solar energy and drive significant environmental benefits.

GreenFox is campaigning for these changes and, in the meantime, is working hard to lead by example and raise the standard of information, advice and service provided to UK homeowners.

"80% of people admitted to lacking some understanding of how solar energy systems work with almost 40%saying they failed to understand most or any of what's involved"

Download a a free copy of the survey results today -


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