How Does Solar Power Deliver Savings For Your Home?

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Feb 29, 2024 11:00:00 AM

At a time when energy costs are sky high, and it’s becoming more and more expensive to power the home, interest in cost-effective energy solutions has never been higher.

The best free source of energy is in the sky above our heads, in the form of solar power from the sun. Each day, a UK average of 750 to 1100 kWh per square metre of solar radiation arrives from our nearest star, creating a huge and largely untapped source of sustainable power for homes and businesses.

Investing in a solar energy system for your home gives you access to ongoing free electricity for your household by converting this latent energy from the sun into usable electricity. So instead of solely relying on your utilities company each month, some or all of your household energy will be generated by you instead.

Can I Save Money With Solar?

Most households note significant savings on their electricity bills after installing solar panels. Much depends on your system's power output, property size, and energy usage. However, according to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical household using a 3.5 kW peak system can save between £160 and £420 a year at current rates. This can be increased by using solar best practices and management tips, such as selling surplus energy back to the National Grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, using a solar battery to store energy harvested at peak times, and regularly maintaining your system, amounting to savings of up to 70 to 80% in some cases.

At GreenFox, we are often asked whether these savings take into account the investment cost of installing a solar system.

A high-quality solar system from an installation business such as Green Fox should last 25-30 years, so your installation fee will repay itself over time. A typical system should be fully paid back by energy savings within 7 to 8 years, giving you 17 or more years of free electricity, which can often add up to tens of thousands of pounds in savings.

Solar Savings For The Environment

Another big benefit of solar power for households is the way in which solar power slashes carbon emissions, helping contribute to a cleaner and more ecologically sustainable environment for your family and future generations. Looking at the big picture, a more stable environment helps fight climate change and minimise the ecological impact of conventional energy sources on your property and surrounding communities, helping control the cost of living indirectly in the long term.

Green Fox: The Smartest Choice for Solar

If you are interested in saving money on your electricity bills this year and long term, please contact one of the solar specialists at Green Fox Energy today by clicking here.

With a team of experienced MCS-certified installers and a range of cost-effective systems available to suit your energy needs, GreenFox can help improve system performance and savings by an additional 20 to 25%.

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